Welcome to Affinity Pole Fitness

Here at Affinity we pride ourselves on not only helping you to get fitter and learn all kinds of badass skills but also we focus on female empowerment and body confidence. We feel this is the most important part of what our studio has to offer. You will discover how to “Exercise Your Sexy Side” and “Find Your Sexy” you will learn to love your body for what it can do for you and to embrace the parts of you that you once disliked. Your whole mindset will change and you will get fitter without even realising it. It’s a place where you can unapologetically be yourself and you can wear those heels or that sexy outfit you’ve always dreamed of wearing!! A woman’s mind and body is amazing and beautiful no matter what age, shape, size, colour you are. You are all welcome to our studio to discover a side of yourself that was maybe locked away or decided to disappear after children etc. It’s very common for a woman to lose herself for one reason or another. Well, here we help you find yourself and be strong and confident inside your own skin!!

Affinity Pole Fitness Kent

I created Affinity Pole Fitness way back in 2004, when I had a crazy idea that I wanted to teach “normal” ladies how to dance like the strippers. I felt it was an art form that was wasted in the clubs for men’s eyes only!! As an exotic dancer I worked around all different kinds of women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicity and barely any of them including me had any dance or gymnastic experience but every single one of those dancers were mesmerising and hypnotic to watch! This is the whole reason I started the job as an exotic dancer in the first place…so I could dance and move in a raw hypnotic way. I wanted to share this style of dance and felt it would empower women and also probably help to spice up a lot of relationships that had possibly gone stale too! I knew it would help women feel amazing!! So I have always based my classes around women “exercising their sexy side”. I teach alternative fitness to women all based around female empowerment and focusing on confidence and loving your body for what it can do for you instead of how it looks. Embracing your body and appreciating it in all its beauty.

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